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A very fun way small age children kids to learn English Alphabets.
* Full ABC
* All Alphabets
* Without any restrictions
* Real sound and human pronunciations
Let your children learn English Alphabets in an neater approach by relating every Alphabet  with some thing like animal . Sounds interesting right? :) :)
Under Active development please send your suggestions / comments at
Animal ABCD is an application which can teach children English Alphabets in a very  friendly manner. Each letter can be  relate to an Animal with its real image and sound, along with this there will an Human voice mentioning the letter and the name of the animal. This would facilitate your kid to become conversant/familiar with the alphabets, animals and their sounds
Learning English Alphabets are of great Fun :)
Here Animals r sequenced in such a  simplest way that their names r within the same flow because alphabets, that is, A to Z. Animal Alphabet shows the name of the animal with the first character highlighted. You can even flip show of animal name, reciting the name and the real animal sound.

Human voice for Alphabets
Image of each Alphabets
Image of the Animal with Name
Real Sound of the Animal
.By Shaking the Phone you'll Animate this Letter.
Child Lock
On touch you can listen to sounds again
Slideshow is out there wherever you'll sit back watch your child learn
26 alphabets with animals sounds and images
Social Media Integration
Background Music : Plays alphabet  within the background once the app is idle
Preschool aged kids learn the alphabet letter names and letter recognition, and can follow finding letters in context.
This simple education game teaches kids the alphabet letters to acknowledge words as they seem. As a result, preschoolers learn the letters of the words r made from.
At this age, ought be enjoyed learning concerning  letters and numbers. Workbooks may be plenty of your  time once your kid goes to  high school.When spending time together, letters and numbers when you look at them and point out additional learning and encourage curiosity.
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