Rings (Handwritten notes)

Rings (Handwritten notes)- Lecture Notes


  • Rings; de nition and examples
  • Commutative ringring with unity, booleanring, division ring
  • Zero divisor and examples, integral domain and connected theorems
  • Field, examples and related theorems
  • Characteristic of ring, examples and related theorems
  • Regular ring, examples and related theorems
  • Ideals, and related theorem
  • Quotient ring
  • Homomorphism of a hoop, kernel of  similarly i.e homomorphism and connected theorems
  • Principal ideal, principal ideal ring
  • Maximal ideal and related theorem
  • Fundamental homomorphism theorem

NameRings (Handwritten notes)- Lecture Notes
Author(s)Atiq ur Rehman
Pages37 pages
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