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English Grammar Lessons
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Intransitive phrasal verbs exercise 
Adjective or adverb exercise 
Words ending in -man 
Using want 
Different kinds of phrasal verbs 
Get and go exercise 
Words confused 
The least and the fewest 
Prepositional phrases exercise 
Subject – verb agreement 
The need for auxiliary verbs 
Get with infinitives and –ing forms 
Learn English Writing 
Verbs with two objects 
Be and have 
Sentence correction exercise 
How to write a short story 
Essay writing: why you must strive for variety and coherence 
Essays: history and definition 
Note on reflexive pronouns 
Special tense use with if 
Passive voice exercise 
Sentence patterns using question word clauses 
Possessive pronouns exercise 
Personal pronouns exercise 
Present perfect tense exercise 
Time expressions with simple present tense 
Sentence synthesis exercise 
Find the mistake – prepositions
Countable and uncountable nouns exercise pdf
pdfSome prepositional phrases pdf
Compound and complex sentence exercise pdf
Passive voice exercise pdf
Passives: verbs with object + infinitive pdf
Find the mistake – perfect tenses pdf
Sentence correction: adverbs of frequency pdf
Infinitive with its own subject pdf
 Possessives exercise pdf
·         24/02/12: Sentence agreement exercise pdf
·         23/02/12: Rewrite sentences as directed pdf
Special structures with be pdf
For, since, in and from: grammar exercise pdf
Vocabulary exercise pdf
For, to and so (that) exercise pdf
In spite of, despite and because of pdf
Too and enough exercise pdf
Verb + prepositions exercise pdf
Verb + adverb particle exercise pdf
Using like pdf
Have to and have got to pdf
Have and have got pdf
Hear and listen to exercise pdf
Verbs of perception pdf
Fronting: rules for the inversion of adverbs pdf
Prepositions exercise pdf
 All / any / none + the + comparative pdf
 If clauses: special points to note pdf
Comparatives exercise pdf
Adverbs of time exercise pdf
Of with determiners pdf
Punctuation exercise pdf
 Verb patterns with present perfect tense pdf
Verb patterns: subject + verb + object + object complement pdf
Indirect speech exercise pdf
Sentence synthesis exercise pdf
Difference between simple and continuous tense forms pdf
Match up (adverbs of time) pdf
Find the mistakes pdf
Some, any or a/an pdf
 Verbs followed by -ing forms – part II pdf
Verbs followed by -ing forms – part I pdf
Simple present or present continuous pdf
All and every exercise pdf
Inversion after negative words pdf
 Using every pdf
That-clauses pdf
Good and well exercise pdf
Adverbs grammar exercise pdf
Used to exercise pdf
They, them, their, theirs exercise pdf
Gerunds after prepositions pdf
Sentence connectors showing cause and effect pdf
Sentence connectors showing contrast pdf
Sentence connectors showing addition pdf
Sentence pattern – part II pdf
Sentence patterns – part I pdf
Verb forms exercise pdf
Sentence correction exercise pdf
Adjectives used only in attributive position pdf
Modification of nouns pdf
Relative pronouns exercise pdf
Possessive pronouns and adjectives pdf
End position adverbs pdf
Grammar structures with need pdf
Gerunds or infinitives exercise pdf
Infinitive or -ing form? pdf
Prepositions exercise pdf
Position of adverbs of time and frequency pdf
Match the following pdf
If clauses exercise (match the following) pdf
Ordinary tense use in if-clauses pdf
Using know pdf
Three ways of expressing the same idea pdf
Sentence correction pdf
Indirect speech exercise pdf
Sentence transformation exercise pdf
Some adverb phrases in common use pdf
Clauses exercise pdf
Demonstrative and indefinite pronouns exercise pdf
Special uses of would, could and might pdf
Idioms and phrasal verbs exercise pdf
Uses of comma in a simple sentence pdf
How to report commands and requests pdf
How to join two sentences by using an infinitive pdf
Inseparable phrasal verbs pdf
Separable phrasal verbs pdf
 Sentence completion exercise pdf
  Sentence transformation exercise pdf
Identify the noun clause pdf
A lot of, lots of and a lot pdf
Common mistakes in the use of articles pdf
Shall and will exercise pdf
The need for auxiliary verbs pdf
Changing imperative into interrogative pdf
Common word combinations exercise pdf
Verb + object + complement pdf
Difference between present continuous and be going to pdf
When do we use present tenses to talk about the future? pdf
Sentence synthesis pdf
ing’ forms used like nouns pdf
Sentence synthesis exercise pdf
Sentence conversion exercise pdf
Proper placement of clauses and phrases pdf
Sentence transformation exercise pdf
Mistakes with verbs pdf
Why and why not pdf
May / might + have + past participle pdf
Participles exercise pdf
Plural uncountable nouns pdf
Sentence correction pdf
The…the… with comparative adjectives pdf
Special uses of some adverbs pdf
Analysis of complex sentence pdf
Adverb clauses of comparison pdf
 Unclear sentences pdf
Conjunctions exercise pdf
Miscellaneous grammar mistakes pdf
Grammar terms: simple sentence, singular, split infinitive pdf
Grammar terms: Sentence Adverb and sequence of tenses pdf
Negatives exercise pdf
Adjectives exercise pdf
Auxiliary verbs exercise pdf
Introductory it exercise pdf
Infinitives exercise pdf
Plural nouns with singular verbs pdf
Adverbs exercise pdf
Adding contradictory remarks pdf
Conditional clauses exercise pdf
Subordinate clause pdf
Using next and nearest pdf
Using Colon pdf
 Formation of questions exercise pdf
 Sentence Completion Exercise pdf
Verbs Exercise For Kids pdf
Questions Worksheet pdf
This and that worksheet pdf
How to summarize a given passage pdf
Transforming negative sentences into the affirmative pdf
Rewrite with nouns pdf
Prepositions exercise pdf
Phrasal verbs exercise pdf
Verbs followed by infinitives without to pdf
Linking words exercise pdf
Paragraph writing tips pdf
Direct and Indirect Speech Exercise pdf
Adjective clause pdf
Grammatical terms pdf
Grammar terms beginning with P pdf
Adverb clause 
Uses of that 
Grammar terms beginning with letter N pdf
Grammar terms with M pdf
Grammar terms beginning with letter L pdf
Grammar terms beginning with letter F pdf
Grammar terms beginning with letters D and E pdf
Grammar terms beginning with Letter D pdf
Grammar terms beginning with C pdf
·         03/09/11: Grammar terms pdf
·         02/09/11: Using afraid pdf
·         01/09/11: Grammar terms pdf
·         31/08/11: Grammar terms beginning with the letter I pdf
·         30/08/11: Using present perfect continuous tense pdf
·         29/08/11: Sentence Synthesis Exercise pdf
·         28/08/11: Expressions with care pdf
·         26/08/11: Singular subject, plural complement pdf
·         25/08/11: Countable and uncountable nouns: special cases pdf
·         25/08/11: Parts of speech exercise pdf
·         23/08/11: Position of adverbs: difference between British and American English pdf
·         21/08/11: Countable nouns pdf
·         21/08/11: Using So pdf
·         20/08/11: Position of adverbs of certainty and place pdf
·         18/08/11: Adjectives order before nouns pdf
·         17/08/11: Correct use of some adjectives pdf
·         16/08/11: Sentence Synthesis Exercise pdf
·         14/08/11: Words with appropriate prepositions pdf
·         13/08/11: Joining two or more simple sentences into one compound sentence pdf
·         12/08/11: Words with appropriate prepositions pdf
·         11/08/11: Sentence synthesis exercise pdf
·         09/08/11: Ways of combining two or more simple sentences into one simple sentence pdf
·         07/08/11: More about object complements pdf
·         06/08/11: Sentence correction pdf
·         05/08/11: Cases where words can be left out pdf
·         04/08/11: Participles as adjectives pdf
·         03/08/11: Rhetorical questions pdf
·         02/08/11: The relative pronouns what, as and but pdf
·         01/08/11: Formation of a complex sentence with an adjective clause pdf
·         31/07/11: Forming a complex sentence with an adverb clause pdf
·         30/07/11: Relative pronouns exercise pdf
·         29/07/11: Prepositions exercise pdf
·         28/07/11: Would and should pdf
·         27/07/11: Perfect tenses in the subordinate clause pdf
·         26/07/11: Therefore, hence, so, then, thus etc pdf
·         25/07/11: Talking about changes using turn and fall pdf
·         23/07/11: The conjunctions and, or and but pdf
·         22/07/11: So much and so many pdf
·         21/07/11: Words ending in -ise and -ize pdf
·         20/07/11: Words that can be left out pdf
·         19/07/11: Soon, Early and Quickly pdf
·         18/07/11: Change of tenses in reported speech pdf
·         17/07/11: Indirect speech exercise pdf
·         16/07/11: Gender in English pdf
·         15/07/11: Auxiliary verbs exercise pdf
·         14/07/11: Come and Go pdf
·         13/07/11: Verb patterns with take pdf
·         12/07/11: Two-word verbs pdf
·         09/07/11: Have got to pdf
09/07/11: Gerunds of participles exercise 

·         07/07/11: Common mistakes pdf
·         06/07/11: All or every: exercise pdf
·         04/07/11: Position of adverbs exercise pdf
·         03/07/11: Sequence of tenses quiz pdf
·         02/07/11: Until and Till pdf
·         01/07/11: Tenses exercise pdf
·         30/06/11: Active and passive voice exercise pdf
·         29/06/11: More and most with short adjectives pdf
·         28/06/11: Common idioms with take pdf
·         27/06/11: Verb complementation pdf
·         25/06/11: Hear, see etc + object + infinitive without to pdf
·         24/06/11: Do so, do it and do that pdf
·         23/06/11: Complements of verbs, nouns and adjectives pdf
·         22/06/11: Grammar Exercise pdf
·         21/06/11: Do as an ordinary and auxiliary verb pdf
·         20/06/11: Personal pronouns exercise pdf
·         19/06/11: Commonly confused prepositions part 2 pdf
·         19/06/11: Commonly confused prepositions pdf
·         17/06/11: Change into plural pdf
·         16/06/11: Possessive adjectives worksheet pdf
·         15/06/11: Grammar Exercise pdf
·         14/06/11: Reported speech exercise pdf
·         14/06/11: Reporting: Advanced points pdf
·         12/06/11: Reporting promises, orders, requests, advice etc pdf
·         11/06/11: Reporting Questions pdf
·         10/06/11: Detailed rules for change of tenses in indirect speech pdf
·         09/06/11: Indirect Speech: Change in Pronouns, Adverbs and Tenses pdf
·         09/06/11: Direct and Indirect Speech pdf
·         08/06/11: Reporting past tenses pdf
·         06/06/11: Difference between below and under pdf
·         05/06/11: Make Negative Sentences pdf
·         04/06/11: Punctuation Exercise pdf
·         03/06/11: If and Unless Exercise pdf
·         01/06/11: If-clauses exercise pdf
·         31/05/11: Whether or If pdf
·         30/05/11: Talking about finished events connected with the present pdf
·         29/05/11: Contractions exercise pdf
·         27/05/11: Speak and Talk: Difference pdf
·         25/05/11: Common mistakes in the use of personal pronouns pdf
·         24/05/11: Overworked words – nice and get pdf
·         24/05/11: Participles exercise pdf
·         22/05/11: Make meaningful sentences pdf
·         21/05/11: Conjunctions exercise pdf

·         19/05/11: Simple past tense exercise pdf
·         18/05/11: Sentence correction pdf
·         17/05/11: Prepositions of time – during, in, for and since pdf
·         16/05/11: Words ending in -ic and-ical pdf
·         15/05/11: Changing an affirmative sentence into interrogative and exclamatory pdf
·         14/05/11: Prepositions of place exercise pdf
·         13/05/11: Sentence correction: prepositions 
·         12/05/11: Present perfect tense exercise 
·         11/05/11: What as a relative pronoun pdf
·         10/05/11: Possessive pronouns and adjectives exercise pdf
·         09/05/11: Prepositions exercise pdf
·         06/05/11: Singular and plural: details pdf
·         05/05/11: Still, already and yet pdf
·         04/05/11: When to use past verb forms to talk about present or future? pdf
·         03/05/11: Simple present tense exercise pdf
·         02/05/11: Question word + infinitive as object pdf
·         01/05/11: Sentence correction pdf
·         30/04/11: Inversion after negative expressions pdf
·         28/04/11: Transitive and intransitive verbs exercise pdf
·         26/04/11: Verbs exercise pdf
·         25/04/11: Verbs that can be followed by object + infinitive pdf
·         24/04/11: Tenses exercise pdf
 Present continuous tense exercise pdf
Inversion of subject and auxiliary verb pdf
Sentence synthesis exercise pdf
 Prepositions Exercise 

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