12th Class - Pre -Engr. , Pre-Medical, I.C.S Part 2

Book For Pakistan Study

If you're in search of Textbook of Pakistan Studies Class XII (Pakistan Studies Book-2) for English Medium then you are at right place. Ilmghar.com provides text books of all subjects of Intermediate (11th & 12th). You can download/view these books easily.
Introduction to the book:
This book (Pakistan Studies Book-2) is for Intermediate Part-2. The book is compulsory for 12th class. This book was released by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). This book was written by Bilal Lasani Printers and revealed by Zia - E - Adab, Lahore in 2016. The book is approved by the Fedral Ministry Of Education, Islamabad. 
The authors of the book are:
  • Prof. Muhammad Hussain Chaudhary
  • Prof. Khadim Ali Khan
  • Prof. Faiz Ahmed Kharal
  • Dr. Sultan Khan
  • Prof. Muhammad Farooq Malik

The editors of the book are:
  • Mrs. Shafqat Iftikhar
  • Mehr Safdar Waleed

Summary of the book:
The book is jam-packed with data concerning about pakistan and history of pakistan.
The book contains 10 chapters. Here are the download or preview links: 
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