12th Class - Pre -Engr. , Pre-Medical Part 2

Book For Biology

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Introduction to the book:
This book (Biology Book-2) is for Intermediate Part-2. This book was released by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). This book was printed by Ishaq Al Fatah while published by Hakayat Publishers, Lahore in 2016. The book is approved by the Fedral Ministry Of Education, Islamabad. 

The authors of the book are:
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Cheema
  • Prof. Dr. A. R. Shakoori
  • Assoc. Prof Hamid Saeed
  • Assoc. Prof A. R. Saeed
  • Assoc. Prof Naumani Usmani
  • Assoc. Prof Dr. Rass Masood Khan
  • Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Qazi
  • Assist. Prof Javed Akhtar Wahla
  • Assist. Prof Farkhanda Manzoor
  • Sub. Specialist Mrs. Syeda Saira Hameed

The editors of the book are:
  • Prof A. R. Shakoori
  • Mr. Hamid Saeed
  • Mrs. Rehana Johar
  • Robeela Shabir

Summary of the book:
  • Chapter 15: Homeostasis
  • Chapter 16: Support and Movement
  • Chapter 17: Coordination and Control
  • Chapter 18: Reproduction
  • Chapter 19: Growth and Development
  • Chapter 20: Chromosomes and DNA
  • Chapter 21: Cell Cycle
  • Chapter 22: Variation and Genetics
  • Chapter 23: Biotechnology
  • Chapter 24: Evolution
  • Chapter 25: Ecosystem
  • Chapter 26: Some Major Ecosystems
  • Chapter 27: Man and His Environment

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