How to prepare admission test (A short guide)

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Review all the topics that you have  got learnt in MSC or BS(Hons) within the following subjects:

  1. Real Analysis
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Abstract Algebra
  4. Multi Variable Calculus
  5. Complex Analysis (Optional)

Read the definitions rigorously (carefully) and do the elementary exercises associated to the definitions.
Don't learn new topics,simply review the course that you've got learn in your previous class .

It is better to understand important theorems but don't learn their proofs by heart. Just do the applications and do the connected exercises.

Utilize full time of the test and  check out to try/attempt all the questions/queries.

You should be relax and take a honest sleep in the dead of  night before test/exam in order that your mind work properly.

Recommended Books:

  • Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin
  • Real Analysis by R A Bartle
  • Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Joseph A Gallian
  • Schaum's Outline of Linear Algebra
  • Schaum's Outline of Advanced Calculus

The paper may be of Objective sort or Subjective sort.

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